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About the Pepe Platinum

Pepe Platinum (PepeP) is a cutting-edge gaming cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the gaming experience. Our platform leverages the power of blockchain technology, bringing transparency, security, and enhanced incentives to gamers worldwide. With PepeP, we strive to create a dynamic ecosystem that bridges the gap between gaming and crypto, unlocking a new realm of possibilities.

Token Overview

Welcome to Pepe Platinum (PepeP), the ultimate gaming crypto token built on the Binance Smart Chain. With a total supply of 420,000,000,000,000 PepeP tokens, our platform offers an immersive gaming experience backed by secure blockchain technology. Explore the blockchain activities of PepeP on our official block explorer at BSCscan. Pepe Platinum features a unique 10% transaction tax, ensuring sustainable growth, community rewards, and the advancement of our gaming ecosystem. Join us on this revolutionary journey and experience the ultimate gaming crypto token with Pepe Platinum.

Our Vision

At Pepe Platinum, our vision is to redefine the gaming landscape by introducing a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers gamers and investors alike. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and rewarding environment where players can unlock their full potential, explore exciting games, and earn valuable rewards.
Key Features:

Tokenized Rewards

PepeP introduces a unique tokenized rewards system, allowing gamers to earn PepeP tokens while playing their favorite games. Say goodbye to traditional in-game currencies and embrace the world of crypto rewards.

NFT Integration

We embrace the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by integrating them into our gaming platform. Collect and trade unique in-game items, characters, and experiences, creating a personalized gaming journey.

Transparent and Secure

Powered by blockchain technology, Pepe Platinum ensures transparency and security throughout the platform. All transactions and gameplay data are recorded on the blockchain, providing a tamper-proof and trustworthy environment.

Decentralized Gaming

Our platform enables gamers to showcase their talents and creations directly to the audience, fostering a decentralized gaming ecosystem. By removing intermediaries, we empower gamers and encourage innovation.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Pepe Platinum introduces play-to-earn mechanics, allowing gamers to monetize their skills and time spent in the game. By completing quests, achieving milestones, or participating in competitions, players can earn PepeP tokens, providing a tangible value for their gaming efforts.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

The Pepe Platinum platform facilitates peer-to-peer trading of in-game assets, NFTs, and tokens. Gamers can buy, sell, or exchange their virtual assets directly with other players, opening up a vibrant marketplace and fostering a thriving gaming economy.

Exclusive Game Perks

Pepe Platinum offers exclusive in-game perks and benefits for token holders. These perks may include early access to new game releases, special cosmetic items, unique game modes, or enhanced gameplay features, adding value to the gaming experience.

Social Features and Tournaments

Pepe Platinum embraces social interaction within the gaming community. Players can connect with friends, join guilds, and participate in competitive tournaments or esports events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Pepe Platinum ensures seamless compatibility across multiple gaming platforms, enabling gamers to access their favorite games using a variety of devices. Whether you're gaming on PC, console, or mobile, PepeP offers a unified gaming experience.
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Embrace the future of gaming and crypto by joining the Pepe Platinum revolution. Become part of a community that values innovation, rewards talent, and unlocks endless possibilities. Explore our platform, engage with fellow gamers, and experience gaming like never before. Together, let's shape the future of the gaming industry with Pepe Platinum (PepeP).


Buying Process of Pepe Platinum

Set up a cryptocurrency wallet

Ensure you have a compatible wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet are popular choices. Set up and secure your wallet, and make sure it is connected to the BSC network.

Add BNB to your wallet:

You will need Binance Coin (BNB) to make transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. Purchase BNB from a supported cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your wallet address.

Access PancakeSwap

Go to the PancakeSwap website ( and click on the "Connect" button located in the top-right corner. Connect your wallet by selecting the appropriate option and authorizing the connection.

Prepare for the token swap

On PancakeSwap, click on the "Trade" tab in the menu and select "Exchange" from the dropdown list.

Set your token and adjust settings

In the "From" section, select BNB as the token you want to trade. In the "To" section, select your token. If your token doesn't appear in the list, click on the "Add Token" button and paste PEPEP contract address.(0xE121113D98574Ac179672D42158F46Ef04EdD5e9)

Adjust the slippage tolerance

Set the slippage tolerance based on the liquidity pool size and trading volume. A higher tolerance may help ensure that your transaction goes through successfully. A common value is around 10%.

Confirm the swap

Enter the amount of BNB you want to spend on buying your token. The equivalent amount of your token will be displayed automatically based on the current exchange rate. Review the transaction details and click on the "Swap" button.

Approve and confirm the transaction

A prompt will appear to approve the token swap. Confirm the transaction, and your wallet will open to allow you to review and approve the swap. Pay attention to the gas fees, and adjust them if necessary.

Wait for the transaction to complete

Once you have confirmed the transaction, you will need to wait for it to be processed and confirmed on the blockchain. This process may take some time depending on the network congestion.

Verify your token balance

After the transaction is successful, you should see your newly acquired tokens in your wallet. You can check the balance by going to your wallet interface and searching for PEPEP token.

Our Core Team

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Community Manager


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Growth every week

Pepe Platinum Roadmap

Phase 01

Concept Development and Team Formation

  • Define project objectives, target audience, and value proposition.
  • Assemble a skilled team with expertise in blockchain technology, game development, NFTs, and software development.
  • Conduct comprehensive market research.
Phase 02

Token and Smart Contract Development

  • Create the Pepe Platinum (PepeP) token and develop a secure smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Conduct audits and implement necessary security measures.
  • Publish the project's website and design a distinctive logo.
Phase 03

Presale and Listing

  • Launch presale on a trusted platform to offer early supporters the opportunity to acquire PepeP tokens.
  • Finalize and publish a comprehensive whitepaper outlining the project's vision and token utility.
  • Secure listings on Coin Gecko & CoinMarketCap and Exchange for increased visibility and market tracking.
Phase 04

NFT Integration and Onboarding

  • Establish partnerships with NFT artists and designers to create unique gaming assets and collectibles.
  • Develop a secure infrastructure for minting, trading, and storing NFTs.
  • Integrate the NFT marketplace into the gaming platform, allowing users to buy and sell NFTs.
Phase 05

Game Development and Alpha Release

  • Begin game development based on the project's concept and target audience.
  • Release an alpha version of the game for testing and gathering feedback.
  • Implement user feedback and make necessary improvements for the beta release.
Phase 06

Beta Testing and Community Engagement

  • Conduct beta testing with a selected group of users to identify and fix any remaining issues.
  • Engage with the community through social media, forums, and events to generate excitement and gather feedback.
  • Launch a bug bounty program to encourage community participation and identify vulnerabilities.
Phase 07

Official Game Launch and Marketing

  • Release the fully developed and tested game to the public.
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract gamers and raise awareness about the project.
  • Collaborate with gaming influencers, streamers, and content creators to promote the game.
Phase 08

Continuous Improvement and Updates

  • Collect and analyze user feedback to improve gameplay, features, and overall user experience.
  • Regularly release updates, patches, and new content to keep the game fresh and engaging.
  • Explore partnerships with other gaming projects or platforms to expand the game's reach and enhance the ecosystem.
Phase 09

Expansion and Global Presence

  • Expand the game's availability to multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.
  • Localize the game into different languages to cater to international markets.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements in target regions to ensure a seamless global presence.

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By joining our community, you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the gaming revolution. As an investor, you will not only have a stake in the success of Pepe Platinum but also gain exclusive benefits and rewards.

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Your questions answered!

Pepe Platinum is a gaming project that combines blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency to provide a unique gaming experience. It aims to create a platform where gamers can play, trade, and earn rewards using the PepeP token.


To participate in the Pepe Platinum project, you can acquire PepeP tokens through the presale or subsequent token listings on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can then use these tokens to engage in gaming activities on the platform, including purchasing NFTs, playing games, and earning rewards.

By holding PepeP tokens, you gain various benefits within the Pepe Platinum ecosystem. These benefits may include exclusive access to certain games, opportunities to participate in tokenized game financing, and potential returns from the game's success. Additionally, PepeP token holders may be eligible for a portion of the revenue generated by the platform.

The Pepe Platinum project integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to introduce unique and valuable in-game assets. These NFTs represent various items, characters, or digital collectibles that players can own, trade, and use within the gaming platform. NFTs provide ownership rights and scarcity to digital assets, giving players more control and value in their gaming experiences.

Blockchain technology, specifically the Binance Smart Chain, powers the Pepe Platinum project. It ensures transparency, security, and immutability for all transactions, including token transfers, NFT ownership, and game rewards. The blockchain also enables the seamless integration of cryptocurrency payments, allowing players to engage with the platform using PepeP tokens.

To get involved in the Pepe Platinum community, you can join official social media channels, such as Telegram, Discord, or Twitter, where you can interact with the team, fellow gamers, and enthusiasts. Additionally, participating in community events, contests, and discussions will allow you to stay updated, provide feedback, and contribute to the growth of the project.

Yes, Pepe Platinum aims to support cross-platform gaming, allowing players to access and enjoy the gaming experience across different devices, including PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. This ensures flexibility and convenience for gamers, allowing them to play whenever and wherever they prefer.

Pepe Platinum takes user account and asset security seriously. The platform will implement robust security measures, including encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, and secure storage systems, to safeguard user accounts and protect their assets, including PepeP tokens and NFTs.

The future roadmap for the Pepe Platinum project includes continuous improvement and expansion. The team plans to introduce new games, enhance the gaming platform's features, forge partnerships with industry players, and expand the project's global presence. The roadmap will be regularly updated and shared with the community to keep everyone informed about the project's progress.

To stay updated with the latest news and developments of Pepe Platinum, you can visit the official project website and subscribe to the newsletter. Additionally, following the project's social media channels